Is it ok to shave the top part o tour legs?

Answer #1

I don’t see why not, I do. Just becareful not to nick youself. ;)

Answer #2

Well, most people do not shave the thighs because the hair there is usually a lot thinner, and if you have fair hair, whats the point anyways? If you do want to do it though, I would suggest perhaps waxing or epilating as shaving makes the hair grow back thicker.

Answer #3

well i shave the top part of my legs… and i have no problems, so why wouldnt it be okay ? x

Answer #4

I don’t see a problem with it. I shave the top part of my legs (rofl). but you don’t really need to because the hair isn’t as dark and thick as the hair on your calves (sp?). It’s your choice :)

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