Sharp pains in stomach a sign of pregnancy?

I had sex the 1st of january. My periods due around the 14th.

The past few days/week I've been getting sharp/shooting pains almost
Constantly in my stomach. I know it can be a sign of pregnancy, the
Ligaments strecthing and what-not. But is it too early for them and could
It just be something else?

I'm worried I'm pregnant as I've never had these kind of pains for this
Length of time before. Could it be too early for pregnancy pains or could
It be a sign? If so, what's the best time to take a test? Around the


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it could be a cyst on your ovary, I had those when I was 17 and it hurt sooo bad if you are on birth control it wont be that though, because they prescribe bc to get rid of those.

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I had the same sort of pains and now im 17 weeks pregs and from the dates you say, your most likley to be pregs. take a test in around the 28-29-30th! if your pregs. congrats! if not go to the doctors asap! it could well be cysts!

What can I do about my stomach pains from having sex?
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take a test a few days to a week after your missed period. and try not to stress about the possibility of pregnancy. that could throw your period off. When I was first pregnant and didn't know, The first signs I can remember were extreme moodiness. I mean PMS couldn't even touch the extreme mood swings I was having, and my boobs got so sore I could hardly wear a seat belt. I never felt the little bubble in my stomach or pains like a lot of people tell me they first felt as a sign of pregnancy

could i start having like stomache pains from pregnancy the day aftter i had sex?

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