Why do i have a sharp stabbing pain during sex?

Well basically this is the first time it has ever happened. Me and my hubby were having sex and I got this sharp stabbing pain in my lower stomach. We changed positions but the pain got worse. It got so bad we had to stop but I couldnt move the pain was so severe for about 45 mins I was in agony. It feels like I am getting stabbed in my stomach. Has anyone got any advise or had this pain before? I really dont want to go to the doctor.
Please help
Jo x

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Yeah kerriewoldseth84 missionary was fine but any other position hurt like hell... it has only ever happened that one time I mentioned. I didnt bother going to the doctors because I never got it again.
when you find out post it on here as would love to know what caused it...
thanks x

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hi, I get this stabbing pain aswell most times during sex with my partner. missionary position is ok but most other postitions hurt. I have not been to the doctor yet, but would like to go to find out what it could be.my pain only lasts during some postions, I never have the pain after sex though

What can I do about my stomach pains from having sex?
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WOW! Hmmm I dont no anyone who has pain like that! hmm go to the doctors and get checked out immediately! :) that's all I can say! I hope it helps! Xx Good Luck I hope it's nothing 2 serious! Xx

Stomach pains after we have sex

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