Is there really such thing as shard o glass freeze pops?

i saw this comercial about them and they said they are for adult consumers only , so i looked them up and i cant find anything about them, and if they are real, is it real glass in them?

Answer #1

I seriously, 100% doubt that they’re real. I played a game on a website before where you had to feed people the lollies and mash they’re faces up. These lollies would kill you… they’re most likely just a hoax/spoof product :)

Answer #2

Haha, no…it would be illegal to sell those.
That commercial is a sarcastic commercial, it’s about cigarettes, it’s not actually advertising freeze pops with shards of glass in them. lol.

Answer #3

they’re not real…BUT there is a website for the “Recall” items….lmfao

Answer #4

lol ok thanx, i feel reall really stupid now haha

Answer #5

No they are not. If they would be real, a lot of people would sue that company XD

Answer #6

haha no! he’s basically saying selling ciggarettes is the same as selling shard o glass freeze pops.

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