Is there really such a thing?

Is there really such a thing as being a “natural” at something; or, are you just better at it than others?

Some people believe they’re naturals at certain things. Ice skating, art, music, singing. Others, like me, just believe they’re better at it due to a different part of the brain being active. Though that’s the drawn out scheme of it, that’s just how I feel. “I’m better at it.”

Example: I don’t have kids. Do I want them? Yes. Doesn’t matter how many I want or how soon I want them (preferably more sooner than later, though). The thing that does matter, though, is the fact that I’m good father-type material. I’ve come to this conclusion from my own analysis of how I acted with my ex’s children or how I act around others. It also comes from other’s reaction to how I am. I’ve been told I’d be a good father. Do I know for sure if I will? No. Only one way to find out, though, right?

Actual question: Do you think there ARE such things as people who are just “naturals at it?” Or do you believe they’re just better at it because of their brain’s programming?

Answer #1

Yes… maybe it’d be more accurate to say, most everybody is a “natural” at something…they just have to find their nitch.


Answer #2

A ‘natural’ sure - meaning you have the God-given talent in that area that allows you to excel - your brain being a part of that gift…Merry Christmas !!

Answer #3

for me depends on what it is. Im better at in music, and in the corporate business world I love numbers and they love me and I also know how to run and maintain and expand a successful bvusiness

Answer #4

I think that is somethings that people were born to do like a god givin talent

Answer #5

I believe that you’ll the things you like more, you’ll be a natural at… and just because you believe that you can. To me brain has nothing to do with it.

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