sexy girls...!!!

what if I look up naked girls on the internet (IM STRAIGHT) and I masterbate to the pics but when im not horny anymore im disgusted by naked girls? does this mean I’m lesbian?

Answer #1

No.What I think is happening with that,you become very excited & aroused when you began to look @ the pure perfection of the human body & it begans to turn you on.You become “horny”,very horny & @ this particular time the only thing your body & mind can think about is that you want & need to release this now built up surge of sexual excitement. @ that point it really doesnt matter how or by what means you’re going to release”cum” you just know that you have to, want to& need to do it.However after you do “cum” you have released this build up of sexual frustration & are now back to your normal (unhorny!) senses. & for absolutely no reasonyour feeling just a tad bit guilty,maybe even a lilttle dirty! When there is no reason to. There is NOTHING & I do mean NOTHING wrong with a good fantasy about anything you want! It’s totally natural & by all means healthy behavior. So please!!! continue to fantasize.Your “cooch!):) will thank you! Hope that helped.

Answer #2

okay thanks

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