Is it sexy when girls shave down there?

Do you think its sexy when girls shave their areas?

Answer #1

This is not the question of sexy or non-sexy. I think it is obvious to save your pubic hair as it is good for healt and it protect you from many skin diseases as well as you can very easily maintain your hygiene.

Answer #2

I know that i along with many other guys prefer it to be shaved. I do think it is a little sexier and its just so much cleaner. I would say definily shave

Answer #3

No, not really.

Answer #4

trimmed fine, but I like hair there! kinda like a suprise in the middle, ha!

Answer #5

I prefer it waxed, or lasered… no razor-burn…

Answer #6

it dsnt matter if there is hair or wthout,,,as long as u’ve always wash your cutee p*ssy…and always good smell!!! lol

Answer #7

my boyfriend said that he says either shaved or trimmed is fine.

Answer #8

Nope, I don’t find it sexy at all.

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