Sexual assault online chats

I'm being connected to a online chat for people who have been sexually assaulted

I will tell her whats happened...and then what?

I'm so unbelieveably scared about talking to someone about this after so many months...

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Well done
You have just made the first move to healing. It will be good for you to confide in someone, especially a professional person. Everything will be kept confidential so you will be able to talk about anything. This person you speak with will be able to give tools to heal and give you advice on what to do. Take care

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I'm not familiar with the way sexual assualt lines work exactly, but she'll give you a chance to get things out, possible options, further resources etc... remember they are trained professionals and they will keep your confidentiality...

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Online rooms were started as a text based platform for people to interact. Since then, it has expanded to audio and video chats. The use of microphones and the invention of webcams have had a great impact on the ways of chatting or chatting habits. Today, some people do not even bother to type; they simply talk and broadcast themselves with the use of their webcams. This has led to the evolution of video conferencing instead of texting sessions.

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