Sex 2 question man and woman advise wanted

Now… Hes a large boy and he lasts forever!!! I’ve tried everything I can think of to get him to cum but im lost now and I dont think he understands that I cant go for 6 hours…so any advise on how to get him to cum he says that he enjoys it so much he cant consintrate hard enough to cun… Also im I the only girl that cant last that long???

Answer #1

well I’ve tried most of that. but I think that its because he takes pain meds for his tooth the last few times could that be why hes having this trouble??I know when I take them I cant cum

Answer #2

Well…it’s perfectly natural for you not to want sex for 6 hours. After awhile you would get dry and then sex could become painful. Try using lubrication for you that way you won’t get sore. As for him…I don’t know, I’ve never really heard of that before. Try mixing things up, do different positions and see which ones might go faster. Other than that try getting him really excited before hand…tease him a couple of hours before hand (keep doing this every so often) that way he’ll be really excited when it’s time for sex.

Good luck :)

Answer #3

Yep, that could be it, when my husband took pain medication for his back he had the same problem.

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