Why does semen smell like chlorine?

My semen smells like chlorine. Is it normal? If not, then what should it smell like and how do I get it normal?

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no its normal no matter what these people say.
if the dude is curious then its his right to be curious.
and I lol @ mutt monster

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actually I think it is..
you could probably look it up
it wont hurt none..if you cant find nothing on it then
go to a doc..but I dont think its sumthin 'unnormal'
im not gonna say why though.
and psh yea whatever '' themoviemaverick '' (shakes head and laughs).

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dude I didnt try to I dont sniff stuff that comes out of my body, its just really strong

Why does sperm smell?
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Chlorine? I think the normal smell would be more like urine. That's just me.

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what??? did you actually smell it?

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yeah its really strong smelling of like chlorine

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ask the doctor...

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start drinking pineapple juice, everyday for a week & see what it smells like then.. im sure your not a freak & started sniffing it, it just a strong smell that you can smell vecause its your own body!!

but try what I said, usually they do say its what you eat that makes you smell like bleach/chlorine!

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Yeah, I had also read on a few other sites that it is quite normal. Thanks, to the few of you that were helpful.

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No, it's not normal, and it's indescribable.

Why do I smell like ammonia down there?
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atomicreload, you are totally 100% normal. It often smells like chlorine other other sterile-smelling cleaning products as semen is alkaline and contains ammonia. This has something to do with helping your sperm live through it's journey to an egg as a vagina is more acidic than alkaline. Semen smells also depends on what you eat and drink, but it generally won't make too huge a difference.

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I've heard of people saying their semen smells like bleach which is quite similar to the smell of chlorine. It really depends on what you eat, apparently if you eat more fruits the smell of it becomes different. The taste of semen also varies depending on what someone eats, it's not just the smell.

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