self tanner?

I have a winter wonder’s dance on the 21st, and I’ve long lost my summer glow. I don’t feel like going tanning because I don’t want to look really fake in the middle of winter in northern ohio. plus winter wonders isn’t that big of a deal, but enough to want a little color.

will jergens natural glow daily moisturizer make me look orange? what self tanning lotions do you recommend? thanks(:

Answer #1

well jergins gives you a glow not like some off that bottled tanner that makes you look like a bronze statue lol, it works ok but it wont work very fast so youd have to start now! Hope this hlps!

Answer #2

Anything that isn’t a natural tan will mean you look orange. Wouldn’t anyone be suspicous anyways? You probably look fine the way you are, and if it’s some sort of feeling that you have when you are tan that you have then just imagine that you have one. A tan is a reaction to too much sun, which means that every time you get a tan you are greatly increasing your risk for skin cancer, just food for thought. Oh yeah, by the way I’d like to thankk you for your answering of my first question. There is a little more to the particular situation than I was able to add to the question at the time, and I would be happy to discuss it further if you funmail me. (have it set to accept everybody)

Answer #3

Apparently the FCUK brand one is good:

They work, well, the day you apply them. Just follow the instructions as you don’t want to end up too orange looking…and don’t go nuts, as it’ll be obvious to people it’s fake.

Also, they do wash / wear off after a bit….there’s a tip here about using coke to do a self tanner…but that sounds gross to me.

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