Do self tanners work?

do self tanners work,because im pale as hell!!! Lol.

Answer #1

yes, they do and and be aware that both tanning beds and the sun directly cause skin cancer and prematurely age your skin and face, just like sun exposure does as well as numerous other things the only safe tan is a FAKE tan one form a bottle, spay on, wipe, cream or can be smart and get a fake tan

Answer #2

yes mine works real well in just a couple days. its called Jergens Natural Glow.

Answer #3

yeah its called the sun lol, basically I just take my shirt off and split wood and $hit all day then when I come in im perfectly golden. and some of those self tanners work some don’t, look up the reviews on a few and compare.

Answer #4

most people I’ve seen use them turn out orange

Answer #5

yeah – though some turn you orange o.0 the Aveeno one works though =] ++++Peace++++

Answer #6

they do

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