Self concious

Am I just being paranoid or am I like fat

Okay so I was like telling my dad what I wanted from this fast food resturant it was like a chicken sandwhich and a taco or sumtin and my dad was like umm im not getting you all that stuff you dont need it

Is he trying 2 say im fat or is he trying 2 prevent me from getting fat.?

Answer #1

lol haha okay I think its funny how your like helping me with all my problems thnx.!=D

Answer #2

sounds like he’s trying to prevent you from getting fat. my mom tells my sister things like that all the time. because my sister likes to eat junk food but my mom knows it’s not healthy for her.

I think he’s just trying to help you out. take his advice and you can start changing your diet on your own. it’s for the better. he’s not calling you fat to be mean if at all.

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