What season is it where you live?

It’s fall here.

Answer #1

falllllll<3 :]

Answer #2

winter :) well, sloowwwlly turning into it lol

Answer #3

Fall? 11/15/10

Answer #4


Answer #5

US.. winter solsitece is about to come the 22nd.. i think so i guess its still fall here

Answer #6

winter is bout to start


Answer #7

fall but it feals like winter!

Answer #8

I can’t make sense of when the season starts and when it finishes. Some argue it’s when the solstice starts but others argue that the cold weather actually follows it, so it could be later than thought. Either way it feels like winter and I wish it was summer.

Answer #9


Answer #10

fall…. too cold lol

Answer #11

It’s fall, but I’m surprised it hasn’t snowed yet. I’m not complaining though; for the passed two years it’s snowed on October 29th.

Answer #12


Answer #13

Theres only two options currently lol..

Answer #14

Summer! Unbearable, why can’t it stay spring forever..

Answer #15

Fall, but it feels like winter alredy.

Answer #16

Lucky! Summer’s my favorite season…jealous =)

Answer #17

Just getting into SUMMERRRRR!

Answer #18

me too!! Maybe because we live in the same country!

Answer #19

we go straight from summer to winter here and it’s cold!!!!!!!

Answer #20

Lucky!!!!!!!!!!! Jealous!!!!!!!!!! It’s almost winter here =(

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