Science questions?

How are atoms like the letters of the alphabet?

What are moecules like?

How do scientists know that water is H20?

How do we know that theres space between water molecules?

What makes one atom different from another atom?

How do scientists study the insides of atoms?

How do scientists break atoms into tiny pieces?

The parts of the phsyical universe that arn’t matter: What are they?

What makes carbon such a special atom?

Answer #1

Each molecule is made up of atoms and in a water molecule to every atom of oxygen there is 2 hydrogen Atoms

Answer #2

they know that h2o is water because water has 2 parts Hydrogen (H2) and 1 part oxygen (0) so that makes H20

Answer #3

Atoms are like letters because they stand for something (not a sound, but an element though)

molecules are clusters of atoms

water can be separated into h2 and 02 with electrolysis and the h2 explodes and the 02 makes a smoldering flame burn again

water would be more dense (heavier) if all the atoms were stuck together closely and the weight of a single molecule of water is known

the number of protons, neutrons and electrons make atoms different

by smashing them and seeing what comes out

by accelerating them in a ring to almost the speed of light and them letting them hit each other with magnetic fields


carbon is the atom all life on earth is based on. all the molecules of your body are based on it.

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