Lost going to class?

what happens if you get lost on your way to class like where the hell is my classroom in a new grade on the first day!!

Answer #1

hahahah one time on the first day of school I was 15 minutes late and I went in and I didn’t miss ANYTHING. the teacher was just putting everyone in their new seats so I just walked right in and when I walked in she was calling my name to show me where to sit and it was perfect timing. hahaha. so yeah. you’ll be fine.


Answer #2

That happened a lot when I was a freshman. It was a brand new school so nobody knew where anything was, even the teachers were late for class !

Answer #3

Teachers usually understand if you’re late because you get lost for the first week or two.

It doesn’t take long for a person to get used to a school but if you do get lost just ask someone around you who looks like they know the place.

Answer #4

ask someone or just walk around for a while no im joking ask somebody.

Answer #5

I don’t know ask someone haha what else lol

Answer #6


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