where is a school like this?

I want a school where i don’t have to go all day..like not a school for “bad” kids. i just need a school where i can focus and just work and gain some independents. by the way i live in colorado springs and i iwill now be a junior.

Answer #1

I just typed in “High schools with independent study” into a search engine and came up with many. Try that.


Answer #2

This where, at 17, you should be able to explain this situation to your parents…”will now be a junion” means you’re OLD for the school you’re in, as you’ll graduate at 19.

I can see why that might make regular school harder. There are TONS of online schools…not sure if your state has those or not, but California has them…your parents will need to pay extra more than likely.

Answer #3

Uh no. Actually i’m 16 i was born in october so i didn’t make the dead line for a private christian school. i’m not OLD and school sure isn’t difficult i’m just done with drama. They can play the little games while i get a future. So if ur tryna say i’m dumb and school is to hard…NICE TRY

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