Why are Scene Queens becoming more and more popular among teens ?

I’m just curious,i don’t want ay offensive replies whatso ever.Just your opinions.

Answer #1

Because teens are becoming more and more unintelligent.

Answer #2

It’s a trend. One person does it, another person does it, and then eventually…everyone starts doing it to fit in.

Answer #3

you do realise you just insulted yourself :P


Answer #4

Its just a trend, every generation of teens has their trends…thats life. When i was in highschool the kandy kids were who we looked up to and who we impersonated….atleast the scene queen trend is safer than our xtc raving trend. Itll pass over time…they all do.

Answer #5

Yep, I did.

Answer #6

well that just proves your point so i guess thats why you did it but if you meant to say it to prove a point then that would make you smart which would prove your theory wrong so in order for it to prove your point you must have not seen that it was an insult to you therefore it proves your point without you knowing that it proves your point . :)


Answer #7

its i guess like a new role modles because it shows you dont have to be perfect to be beautiful and look pretty, and not all teens mabey because the amount or alteritive kids is growning more teens are becoming interested

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