Why am I so scared about childbirth?

Ok well, I am 15… and a loooong way from getting pregnant or anything, haha. But I had a dream last night that I was pregnant and it was my due date, and I was absolutely terrified. So now, ever since I woke up, I just feel like when I do have kids in the future, that I will be reeaaaaallllly scared of the pain! I don’t know what I’m going to do? Were you scared when you were pregnant? Any reassurances? I’m so jealous of guys, they have none of this! Thanks!

Answer #1

Its normal, every woman at some point in her pregnancy has fears about childbirth. Im currently pregnant with my second child and im still scared even though ive been through it before. The important thing to remember is that your surrounded by professionals who do everything they can to make you feel more comfortable and keep you safe and moniter you, and in the end its all worth it. If it wasnt women wouldnt continue to have children.

Answer #2

because its scary?

Answer #3

Good point. That is a reasurrance :) Do you know if the pain relief really helps? Good luck with your second baby by the way :D

Answer #4

Epidurals help some…but they dont take away all the pain and it doesnt relieve the pressure from the babys head coming down the birth cannal. Breathing excercises can help you get through contractions, but there is going to be pain regardless.

Answer #5

Well that was helpful. :P

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