Im to scared to go out and buy a condom

Im to scared to go out and buy a condom, is there a way I can get one?

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look in your parents bathroom or something.

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why are you scared ?

How old do you have to be to buy condoms?

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if your scared to buy protecton why are you even having sex?
your most likley uneducated abotu sex as well as how to actually use that condom
learn about sex before you go off having it
learn about as well as the male and female reproductive system
birth control, contraception, pregnancy and stds
because the main reaosn why kids get pregnant and/or stds is because of a lack of sex education
and you can buy condoms from almost anywere
theres no age limit to buy them
just walk nto a gas station, pharmacy, toilet, ect and buy them
if your too scared t buy them you probably shouldnt be havng sex yet

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