Scar tissue on belly piercing?

I got my belly pierced 4-22-08. on the top hole, it is a bit redish purpulish. but you cant really see it if you look at. I know its there because its mine. I read around and I think its called scar tissue, b ut im not exactly sure what that is. can someone tell me what it is and how I get rid of it???

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I had that, it will be there until your belly ring in healed then it will go away. Don't worry about it. If you are worried, then see a doctor just so get reasurence that it's all fine.

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lol, scar tissue is when you take out a pericing and let the wound heal, it will be hearder and probably bumpy in that area, and harder to peirce next time around.
what you have sounds normal, and is just the bodies healing process
navle rings can take even up to a year to heal
but what you have should go away withing 3 months
just take care of it but dont overclean it!

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