Why do scabs itch so bad?

Answer #1

for 1. u dont want to scratch or peel off ur scabs, for that rason theres is these things called white blood cells and when u get scraped to an open wound they make a netting with gathers all the red blood cellsto clot forming a scab SO PLEASE DONT PICK UR SCABS its gross and not good for u to do Source(s): hope i hepled

Answer #2

because the skin underneath them are healing. you have to remember that under the scab, the skin is broken, and it regrows in order for the scab to fall off.

Answer #3

your skin is pliant and ductile; the scab, not so much. In the course of normal activity, your skin tries to bend and stretch, but the scab can’t move with it, so it pulls at your skin where it’s edges are latched onto your skin cells. That’s what creates the itchiness.

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