Salt water crabs

We came home from cape cod with 4 salt water crabs that my children would like to try and keep alive. What do they eat and how do we get slat water?

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never thought of this until now if they were little fiddler crabs they could survive in an artificial environment for a while o boy if they ARE fiddler crabs she thinks im crazy when I talk about eating them I figure shes got to be talking blue crabs right?

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you'll need a pretty sizable aquarium go to a pet store and ask how they accomodate salt water fish I live on the cape and have never heard of anyone taking crabs home unless they were going to cook them you'lll need to move fast tho they wont last long maybe an outdoor kiddie pool for them but not sure what they eat good luck

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You should never have taken them. No matter what you do they will die. They are used to an outdoor wildlife. Go to a pet store and tell them you stole them from their natural habitat and they will tell you the same thing I did. They need a big tank sponges soaked it water and I doubt they will eat pet store crab food. I am disgusted by you. You should have bought them from a pet store if you wanted them that bad.

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good answer legion they will probably end up as a meal tonight tho

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The best way to have kept them alive & living the life they deserve...was to leave them where they were.

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