How much does a salon facial on average cost?

Can it help get rid of acne or get alot of dirt out of your face?

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I have paid upwards of $60 for a facial. Try pore cleaning strips and deep cleansers.

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Well at my wife's spa these are the prices.


Tailored to your skin type and condition, this classic facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage, manual extractions (when needed), mask and moisturizing protection.


Without pain, trauma or side-effects, this is a revolutionary alternative to injections and other "invasive" procedures. Pure anti-aging treatment reduces signs of aging, by correcting wrinkles on the surface, by smoothing from within, it restructures and in depth through demo-relaxing action, it corrects and prevents lines. Pure improves the texture of the skin, leaves the complexion luminous and protects the skins tonicity.


This is a Treatment to inhibit melanogenesis, it reduces the existing pigmentation and prevents the forming of melanin.This is a skin-lightening treatment which uses Vitamin C and other plant extracts to get better results without the negative side-effects of BLEACHING. Radiance is recommended for Brown Spots, dull looking skin and to brighten complexions. The vitamin C also helps in forming collagen in the skin and improve firmness and tonicity.

ROSA- C - 60/$95
This is a wonderful Treatment for any Rosacea skin, as well as the very sensitive and fragile skin-types. This very active treatment diffuses redness, diminishes the size of micro-vessels, controls burning sensations, soothes irritations and provides immediate comfort and relief. This treatment will also slow down the progression of unaesthetic clinical signs.
Rosacea cannot be cured, but its manifestations may be controlled and its progression limited.

AK-2 PURIFYING TREATMENT (for reactive Skin) - 60/$75
A Purifying Treatment for very reactive and oily skin. This is recommended for comedonal and asphyxiated or eruptive skin types. This product reduces excess superficial oils and lowers the continuous PH level thus increasing the acid mantle of the skin. This treatment has antiseptic and astringent properties to help purify the epidermis and neutralize excess sebum. Decreased redness and less eruptions are evident after the very first treatment.

EXCILLIANCE THERMO SCULPT Lifting and Remodeling Treatment - 60/$110
A True Face-lift without surgery! Yes, this is a revolutionary treatment that is pain free, no lasers, no downtime no injections. This treatment remodels and lifts the 3D structure of your skin, it reinforces the dermal mesh-work while firming and smoothing the skin from deep down. It acts on the epidermal web, resculpts stem-cells.
Like a face-lift, the skin is tightened, volume is repositioned and facial contours are re-sculpted all "without" surgery.

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I honestly don't get the point of facials. They always make me break out. But some people seem to enjoy them...

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Depends on where you go.. I live in Illinois, and the highest I've ever paid for a facial is 20 dollars.

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You can go look at

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I use the pore cleansing strips on my nose because for whatever reason blackheads tend to show up there. Never had a salon facial :P But the pore strips work really good! It's best to use them RIGHT after you get out of the shore because your pores are open. Try to wash your face in the shower, too, because that gets the oil off your skin. I don't have acne but I still get pimples :D and I just used one of the pore cleansers the other night and it really made my nose look less dirty :D Good Luck!

facial cleansers

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The shower also help soften your skin.

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$50 to $150

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You can go to for freakin amazing deals on facials and stuff like that, i love that website. good luck!

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