What is the safest sports car to buy?

In lieu of my recent car accident (check my pics if you need reference), my husband and I are looking for a safer option for our next vehicle. We’re mustang people. I had a Cobra that was in the crash (so sad) and I drive an 05 GT now (or I will when I can walk again). I’d like something of a similar price range ($25k or less) and still decently fast. I’d also like low miles and stability in the event of a future accident. Any suggestions? I know my cars, but I figured a few other opinions wouldn’t hurt :)

Answer #1

Heaven…maybe you should get a tank instead.

Answer #2

Lmao, I’ll consider that :) I’m sure some crazy Oklahoma teenager would still try to kill me even if I had one of those though. :-P

Answer #3

Well, after my first terrifying accident I got a Land Rover, it’s a beast. I don’t know if you’d go for that though XD Personally I dislike cars and would go with something bigger.

Answer #4

Well most sports cars are small, and small cars are more dangerous. So I don’t think there is a “safest” sports car….try a mini-van :) JK :P

Answer #5

Lol, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8s are pretty quick, and they’re big. I guess they aren’t sports cars per se, but still…minivan? Bluh. Lol

Answer #6

I have to agree with my good friend angelee here…she is just reading my mind now…:P

If it is a sports car then it runs way too fast then a regular car…meaning it is too dangerous…equals no safe sports cars on the market…want a safe car dont get a race car! Ha! LMAO.

Answer #7

Haha yea, I wouldn’t really want to drive a mini-van either! :P Jeeps are great, I love them. Can’t say how good they are from experience since I am only 17 and don’t own one, nor have I driven one. But when I do get a vehicle, I would defiantly not mind having a jeep. :)

Answer #8

Any car with a 5 star safety rating. I think Subura WRX is one to consider. Though agree with Colleen, a large SUV would be ideal. Jeep is a good car brand. I know for my next car, I’m leaning towards a 4WD Jeep Patriot, only $34,500 drive away…It’s USA built, the car has limited flashy interior stuff but the outter body of the vehicle A+ which is really great for satety……Let’s have a bet who gets their vehicle first, you with our sports car or me with my 4WD. :)

Answer #9

go to the mafia they have lots of guns so noone can steal the car when you are buying it L::L:L:L:L:L:L


Answer #10

What kind of sports car are you looking for? A coupe, roadster, or sports sedan? It’d help too if you have favorite brands of cars like Toyota or Audi.

I’d recommend an Audi TT or Infiniti G35/37 if you want lots of Horsepower without spending $25K+.

Answer #11

Eh, if I’m getting an infiniti, I’ll just opt for the Nissan 350Z or 370Z. Same thing but less sedan-ish. We’re coupe people…and audis are alright, but not my fave. Thanks for the input though :)

Answer #12

First off, a Mustang is not a sports car, it is a pony car; its meant to be cheap fun. Mustangs didn’t even get independent rear suspension in any trim until 1999 and even today most Mustangs still have live axles. Live axles were high tech in the 1970’s but today they are junk for everything except for the drag strip. Sports cars are designed to handle and be fun to drive rather than be fast in a straight line.

The WRX Samantha mentioned isn’t the best looking sports car out there and is about $10K more than you want to spend but it is surprisingly fast and actually handles. Probably a Mazda RX8 would be the best sports car near $25K. If you are willing to trade handling for horsepower a Miata would be a good choice.

Sorry about your accident and am glad you are ok but are you really leaning toward getting a land yacht SUV? Even if you live longer in a SUV can you even call driving a box being alive?

Answer #13

Lol, we’re not going to get an SUV. That idea lasted for about 30 seconds :) We’re not sure what we want really. We’re still hashing things out with hospitals, insurance agents, etc., and the police department handling the case sucks ass. We won’t be purchasing anything for a few weeks or so, but the input is much appreciated :)

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