Cody Linley, Zac Efron and Ryan Sheckler vs. The Jonas Brothers

So, this 3 against those 3, which boys are hotter? A)> Zac, Cody & Ryan
OR B)>Nick, Joe & Kevin?

I like choice A Zac, Cody and Ryan have all great hair… and dreamy smiles not to mention they are hotter than the sun…

Answer #1

I know im supposed to pick 3 but screw the rest ryan is sexii

Answer #2

I luv them all but I luv the jonas brothers the most. They are so dreamy!!! I just want to take a nap in nick jonas’s hair!!! I<3 the jonas brothers!!!

Answer #3

choose A

Answer #4

I really think so too… they all have great hair… and dreamy smiles… and they are hotter than the sun.

Answer #5

Choice A 4 some reason I am in LOVE with ryan!

Answer #6

I like all of them, but I chose the jonas brothers b/c they are all cute, have dreamy eyes and hair, and singers.

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