Why are there roaches in my apartment?

I have HUGE roaches in my apartment and I can’t get rid of them! And I am a VERY clean person! I am constantly doing my laundry and cleaning my floors and I NEVER leave food or dishes around! I am really scared of these roaches! And I really hate them! I live in Texas and a few people have told me that that’s why I have them cause there are tons of bugs in this part of the country… Is that true? PLEASE HELP!!!

Answer #1

The apartment itself is dirty. It has nothing to do with you.

I recommend moving to another apartment because that’s what I did.

Answer #2

There are more bugs and invaders like that in the warmer areas of the country than the colder - eg, in California, we hardly had any. In Florida, we have LOTS of roaches.

The house we’re in now the landlord hired an exterminator because otherwise, it’d be basically overrun with them. The issue with an apartment is you can be as clean as possible, but the roaches can live in the walls, etc, or other areas of the building and then end up in your place.

If you can, get some traps and spray regularly so that it helps prevent them from living or coming back. However, if you spray, make sure to leave the apartment for a few hours otherwise the toxins will get you a bit, too and none of that stuff is healthy.

Be sure to wash the counters, kitchen, etc, after spraying so you don’t get pesticide in your food as well.

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