Is there a risk when an asthmatic has a hysterectomy?

My mom has asthma and COPD and she’s worried about being put under anesthesia…is there a risk? She said it slows her breathing and having asthma and COPD will make it worse… she can’t call the Dr. right now and she’s freaking out..

Answer #1

your doctors have a complete chart of your moms medical history if your mom has any problems whatsoever remember she’s in a hospital that has everything she needs to survive an asthma attack during surgery and there have been successful cases of people being put under anesthesia that have had asthma she will be just fine

Answer #2

i forgot to mention there are only risks if your doctors dont know of any current long term physical problems that she forgot to put down

Answer #3

I dont know about the COPD, but whenever asthmatics are under anesthetics, it is a little more complicated. However, it doesnt mean it can’t happen. I know this. The doctor isnt exactly going to recommend a procedure that is just going to end up killing her. My mother had a hysterectomy (yes she’s an asthmatic). She’s fine. She needs to calm down till she talks to her doctor. It’s not like someone is holding a gun to her head. She doesnt have to have the surgery till she decides.

Answer #4

well, a few weeks ago my mom just had an hysterectomy. because she had a bunch of fibroids. but she didnt want to go under the anathesia because last time she had surgery to take out her cancer cells they used that anathesia and her throat closed and when she woke up she remembered what happened. but i am pretty sure it will probably affect her but different people have different allergic reactions.

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