Do you think this picture of Rihanna is real?

Do you think this picture of her is real?

It’s just wow..

Answer #1


Answer #2

yeah real and really sad but I mean I would be really annoyed aswell if someone gave me an STD

Answer #3

I’m sure it is - that picture is on several news sites right now and they say that is is a picture of her right after the beating.

Answer #4

if it is real…then thats really sad :(

Answer #5

Dont think so.

Answer #6

yes its real :( I saw it on a news sight apparently the photo was leaked and they want to find out who made it public

Answer #7

yeah its real, it just came out in our vancouver newspaper today.

Answer #8

Havent a clue!

Answer #9

yeah I do think its real because they said he did some serious damage!

Answer #10

Yeah I think its real… its so sad that they beated her so much :(

Answer #11

I think so, it’s a real shame.

Answer #12

I think so..

Answer #13

yes cause thats the result of her face gettin beaten up by c.b

Answer #14

Yes :(

Answer #15

always hated chris brown (cant stand his face and attitude)

shame on rihanna… tough luck really, next time she should choose someone who isnt such a douche

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