Riddle You are in a room where there are no metal objects

You are in a room where there are no metal objects except for two iron rods. Only one of them is a magnet. How can you identify this magnet?

Answer #1

You do a macgyver and put the rod on a piece of styrofoam floating in water, and checks if the ends of the rod turns towards north and south :)

Answer #2

I was kinda right… you count that as a right, right?

Answer #3

then next time add the fact that I happen to have a piece of string in my pocket at the time.

Answer #4

the answer is…You can hang the iron rods on a string and watch which one turns to the north (or hang just one rod).

Answer #5

hmm… cookies and knowledge… I give

Answer #6

walker between worlds you gave you get cookies

Answer #7

Whoever gives up first gets these cookies

Answer #8

you said they were both “iron”

Answer #9

Was I right?

Answer #10

stanmymaster666 is…Wrong

Answer #11

try and bend it and see if it repels? :)

Answer #12

lol darn ;)

Answer #13

thatshygirl is … wrong

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