How can I get rid of viruses on my computer without buying a program to do so?

i got a ton and i cant get rid of them cuz i dont hav money to buy a prgram to do so. help?

Answer #1

There are many free anti-virus programs you can use: Avast, AVG, Avira, ClamWin, to name a few.

Answer #2

my computer wont let me and i keep getting popups :(

Answer #3

what do you mean it wont let you……

it wont let you download any of them, it wont let you install any of them?

Answer #4

if its really that bad why dont u reset it to factory setting when it boots up on the first menu ull see like menu and itll be there

Answer #5

how exactly does one do that, dianatictac(nice name, btw)

Answer #6

exactly that but i figured it out- my computer had security shield wich messes up ur computer cuz i thot it was ligit. but i got rid of it so its good now :)

Answer #7

yea its random but easy to remember it depends what system u use like window 7 or windows vista

Answer #8

Free antivirus programmes like Avast,Avg antivirus etc are programmes which will save your computer from any active threat just download any one of these.

Warning:Downloading and running two antivirus programmes together can cause flauses in you P.C so remember not to use more than one antivirus programme at a time.

Answer #9

l recommend one for you:fastwindowstweaker

Here to download:

Answer #10


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