How do you get rid of skunk odor?

Answer #1

you soak whatever smells like skunk in tomato juice!

Answer #2

Tomato juice is a myth….just a few baths with regular soap will do the trick.

Answer #3

Colleen is very right, tomatoe juice is a myth. I find dish soap works really well. Put it on what ever-whoever got sprayed, leave it a couple of minutes and then wash out. Repeat is needed. You can also buy a bottle of “Shunk Out” shampoo at most pet stores. Good luck!

Answer #4

i heard that tomato juice works

Answer #5

Tomato juice doesn’t work you have to use tomatoe paste and baking soda to fully break down the smell soap works if its light but if it got soaked you need to use paste and baking soda. I hope it works out for you.

Answer #6

Soak your body in tomato juice.

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