how do i get rid of a crush on shadow the hedgehog?

Answer #1

lol i like sonik just think he’s a cartoon character the only thing that could become of you to is you making scetches of him

Answer #2

ohhh god have i tried and whenever i do draw him (im gud at art) i draw my self wit him xD even if he takes up most the page ill appear sumwhere the ting is i have an amazin bf and i have a crush on a hedgehog

Answer #3

lol! im a fan also! X3 honestly i dont really think you need to get rid of it. shadow’s a fictional character, so its not like anything could happen in anyway. just consider it a fandome. it might be healthy for you in a way too; it can help you devolope an image of someone you might be intrested in in the futrue, you know? theres no problem with having a “crush” on someone from a game series, its only a fandome, and if you REALLY do want to get rid of it, im sure itll fade out on its own eventualy.

Answer #4

Never thwart a crush away. Buy a hedgehog.


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