What is the best way to revise History?

I’m revising for a test tomorrow and I really don’t want to get a ‘G’ again! I’m learning about The League of Nations, the Manchurian Crisis and the Abyssinia Crisis, and I’m finding it really hard to cram so much in my head, is there an easier way? My teacher’s set up a revision site online, but I still can’t get ‘round to it!

Answer #1

The best way, in my opinion, is to make history fun. Different methods work for different people, but our history teacher in High School had us act out different parts of history, draw funny photos that represented different parts, made games with it, etc. Having the visual or physical involving in learning and revising with friends from class really helped me. If you have troubles remembering things from flash cards or small study groups, make it fun. When you have fun with something, you’re a lot more likely to remember the details.

Answer #2

I think reading horrible history books are good. Make it as fun as possible. Put up sticky notes around the house on mirror or bed post or computer screen that way you can memories the dates gradually by looking at them each day

Answer #3

In subjects like history, where there are a lot of dates and timelines to memorize, studying with friends and playing a game will help a lot. You could make up your own type of pictionary/charades game with your friends, guessing dates and timelines. My how to may help: http://www.funadvice.com/howto/studying_fun

Answer #4

sounds good, might try it! thanks :)

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