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Should I take revenge by saying something they deserve in my speech?

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I'm graduating tomorrow. I was supposed to be the valedictorian and do the valedictorian speech because I'd gotten the highest average therefore highest rank among all the graduates. But because there is a girl in our class whose parents are the principal's good friends, she got to do the valedictorian speech. And her rank is gosh knows where. (and according to wikipedia:Valedictorian is an academic title conferred upon the highest ranked student among those graduating from an educational institution.) Now, i understand she can do a GRADUATE speech but not a VALEDICTORIAN speech. She also happened to receive the scholarship to a university which was rightfully mine since they were originally picking the student with the highest average to receive it. seems like the principal had a change of heart and decided to give it to someone whose parents he knows. obviously personal relations count more than my average and my feelings. As for me, this is the introduction they put right before I say my speech, "...a hardworking student of the year..." seems good right? wrong! there were 2 other "students of the year" whose personal relations with the principal also got them those titles. none of these people deserve their titles on the academic and non-academic level! all the rest of graduates know this and told me to fight for my right. but i tried and the teacher responsible for our graduation just kept giving me lame excuses "...oh her parents begged for the scholarship..." and thats my so my mom told me to mention this tomorrow at the end of my speech in a polite way as this will embarrass the people involved and that's what they deserve for being unfair. should I do that? and if i should, how would i possibly write it so as not to embarrass myself?