Can you either report somebody or block somebody on here?

If so, how?

Answer #1

Go to my followers… then find the persons name you want to block and then after that hit stop following and they are blocked from following you :DD

Answer #2

To report someone just email Collen and tell her whats up she will solve the problem :D

Answer #3

If you think that any certain question, update, photo or reply is inappropriate, you can

  1. click on “Flag”.
  2. then choose why you report
    • Graphic nudity or pornography
    • Illegal behavior
    • Excessively violent Content
    • Attacks an individual or group
    • Spam or advertisement
    • Duplicate content or other

One of the admins will take care of it soon.

Answer #4

what if they are funmailing me? how do i block them from doing that?

Answer #5

there is no way to do that but you must contact collen and she can fix that or delete the persons account…. just funmail her and explain the situation

Answer #6

Yes. Contact the admins. That will be best.

Answer #7

ok thank you guys!

Answer #8

anytime (:

Answer #9

Get a hold of Colleen, she is the one person that will take care of this immediately for you, and if you can, save some of your funmails this individual has sent to you and send them to her, especially if this person has shown a pattern of exhibiting poor behavior. I bet you’re not the first one and sorry this has happened to you.

Answer #10

Just so you’re aware, the “block” feature and the “Flag” option are both malfunctioning. Please send me a FunMail or use the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page or your report will never be seen.

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