Is there anyway I can block him?

Hi, I was wondering what do about a member who keeps on adding me as a friend but is always leaving me disturbing funmails. I just want him to leave me alone. Is there anyway I can block him from leaving comments and funmails, and stop him from adding me? I would really appreciate it, if somebody could help me.

Answer #1

They can be banned from the site if the funmails are false allegations or written in an abusive manner Paradise and they continue after they have been warned


Answer #2

on their profile there you can block him!! If that doesn’t work then you could even report him. He would either get his account deleted or just a warning!

Really REALLY good luck!! If you ever want to talk about it or anything then comment/funmail me!!!

Answer #3

Sent you a FunMail :)We’ll get this problem resolved.

Answer #4

if you’re having trouble please funmail me or another advisor and we can try and help you out

Answer #5

If you go to his profile, there is an option to block the user on the left column.

Answer #6

yes- go to their profile and hit the block this user thing in the bottom of the box in the upper left hand corner, and contact - the dude or other advisor and they can take care of it

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