Law and Motorbikes

I am 14 years old and live in london I realy want to get a motorbike 50cc I got the money for it but yoyu can drive it from when you are 16 is there any chance I can drive it before I am 16. what would happen if police stopped me and I was under age and dident have licens? 50cc goes up to 50km/h 30m/h

Answer #1

You could get a ticket for driving without a license, your bike gets towed, and you can’t get a license until you’re 18. What I read - or you (or your parents) could just get a fine. It depends, really.

Answer #2

well its illegal at any age to be riding a 50cc bike on the road a tiny bike like that is a hazzrd for both the person riding it and evryone else on the road at the time there notdesigned for road use, just for play use on places with land a lot of kids have had 50cc motorbikes/dirtbikes though however they learn either on there property ( a farm is best) or on a dirt track specially designed for people with dirtbikes or small motorbikes

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