Replacing junk food with fruit

Instead of eating junk food,will eating fruit with its great amounts of fiber help to lose weight? But then again.. it has sugar. And I know once you consume sugar,after ten minutes it turns into fat,inless the energy(sugar)is used up. But are fruit sugars not good ones?

Answer #1

yes it will. its sugars are very natural and healthy!

Answer #2

lol yeah fruit should be better, and changing junk food for fruit will help with the weight loss as it contains more of the important things for your body :)

Answer #3

Lol babyboobear. good point.

Answer #4

EAT THE FRUIT, trust me, eat a bag of doritos and you gain 2 pounds, eat a thousand grapes, and you gotta piss.

Answer #5

Agree that natural sugars are much better than refined sugars and the heavy fat doses in most junk food.

BUT: people vary in the way their bodies handle sugar, and many find that a diet with BIG amounts of fruit gives too much sugar (as well as possibly a loose tummy). Your best bet is fruits AND vegetables - keep a stash of scrubbed raw carrots on hand to munch on throughout the day, for example. And remember that almost any vegetable can be eaten raw - and is a lot healthier than junk food.

You’ll be on the right track!

Answer #6

Any natural sugar’s better than artificial, and fruits bomb so it comes with the whole package!

Answer #7

Fruit sugars are good sugars… but too much of ANYTHING can be detrimental to health. I think that is a great idea and I am in 100% agreement with this idea.

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