How can I best remove glass shards from an open wound?

Answer #1

Depends on size, depth and how it got there. Try soaking whichever part of your body is being affected by it in very hot water with a mild disinfectant, as this softens the skin and the disinfectant attacks any infection. Once the skin is soft, although it sounds horrid, get something sticky like tape and apply it to the area. Just like removing hairs from clothes, you use tape. Good luck!

Answer #2

By going to the hospital where they can remove it properly so you don’t get an infection.

Answer #3

By going to the local hospital…

If it only a few shallow pieces you may be able to flush them out with water- but really this is something that merits a clinic visit, especially if it is over a joint (knee, elbow, etc.) or deep enough to require stitches.

Basically it comes down to: how much, where it happened (contamination [Do I need a tetanus shot?]), how long ago, how deep, area affected, if you have any health risks…

If you were my sister we would already be in the ER waiting room.

Answer #4

Please don’t advice me to go to the Hospital I’m looking for some second thoughts on first aid so telling me to go to the hospital isn’t very helpful, thanks.

Answer #5

You sound like you’ve done this before lol. Thanks for the answer I will note it down!

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