Under arm boils & open wounds

I dont want to sound qross but I really need help. About two years aqo I qot a really bad boil underneath my arm. After it burst, it never healed or closed. As of this day it is an open wound that just leaks everyday. OF course I have seen many doctors but they all tell me the same thinqs...they prescribe a cream & tell me to stop shavinq. --NEVER WORKS! I don't know what to do. Im at witts end. PLEASE help. anyone qoinq throuqh or had went throuqh this? any suqqestions? PLEASE help. Summer is here & I miss qoinq to the beach all due to uqly underarms.
thanks in advance,

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I have hidrdenitis as well. I get boils in both places. I've had surgery three times under my arms to scrape them out but they always come back eventually.

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I have a condition called hidradenitis suppurativa and it creates boils on the groin and under the arms. Have the doctor check you for that.

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I also have HS, and have found that high doses of Sulfer bases antibiotics really work, I am on a new one called Doxycycline, and it seems to dry things out but yes I still get boils once in a while, but they are much less painful and not as big. I have found it very difficult to find a dr that understands it and trys to HELP it, since there is no cure yet, but there are some drugs that do help. if you want any other help or have advice for me billyboi95@gmail.com let me know good luck!

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Step 1
Avoid squeezing a boil, as this may spread the infection.

Step 2
Allow the boil to come to a head and open on its own. Applying a warm compress two or three times a day will speed up this process.

Step 3
Keep the area very clean, especially after the boil has begun to drain.

Step 4
Apply a saline solution once the boil has opened. Mix 1 tsp. table salt with 1 c. hot water. Wet a washcloth in the solution and apply it to the boil. This can help dry it out and reduce the amount of pus.


Hope this helped a little bit.

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I agree with Maggot, but I would add one more step. Apply a compress of Natural or Wild honey. Not that store bought stuff.
Natural honey will draw out boils,slivers,chiggers and ticks.
Most awsome stuff in the world.

Hope this helps

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Hay I have the same thing but it’s in my groin. Every few months it gets infected and it’s very painful. I can hardly walk or go to work. When I go to the doctors they say it’s a boil and give antibiotics. When I take this it softens the boil and it bursts open with lots of puss and blood mixed. Then I am left with an open wound. It takes time to heal but it is very frustrating because it’s constantly weeping and very smelly. The problem is, the wound is deep and when I go to the doctors to show them they clean it pack it with dressing. And give me repeated appointments to go and get the dressing redone. But when it heals and I rub my finger tip in that area I can feel that the lump is still there. I really don’t know what to do. Its making me go mad. Sometimes it feels like is life worth living. Please some help me...???

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