remove dodge tail light assembly

How do you remove the tail light asembly on a Dodge Ramm 1500 when there are no visible screws?

Answer #1

Sorry, I read that wrong. You said tailight. lol.

It’s in the trunk, there should be a panel to remove.

Answer #2

The screws come in from the back as you might have guessed. There should be an access panel near the tail gate or on the inside of the truck bed.

Answer #3

Have you tried popping the hood and looking on the inside of the headlight, most screws are inside the vehicle not on the outside.

Answer #4

popping the hood wouldn’t be an option since the tail light is at the back of the truck. :) But I appreciate the response.

Answer #5

Open the tailgate and the screws are torks head are on the side lip of the tailgate opening.

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