What is the most expensive thing that this brake light issue could be?

So, I was looking at a 1995 Lincoln Town Car recently, it was almost a cream puff, probably safe to say it was a slightly moldy cream puff… anyways, everything seemed to be alright, but checking the brake lights, only the third one lit up, the ones on the sides didn’t. It wasn’t until we played around with the directional’s that the brake lights worked. So. What is the most expensive part/job that this could be and how much are we looking at here?

Answer #1

I think it would be the computer. If the wireing is bad then it can add up quickly

Answer #2

If it was the computer why did it run perfect otherwise?

Answer #3

check the fuse box bro

Answer #4

it’s actually a part behind the fuse box, I’m not buying the car.

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