Religion, such a topic to be fought after. Why?

I want opinions on this question, not facts, but what you really truley feel..

People say “If there is a God then why does he allow all this pain and suffering”

To me thats people trying to pawn off there mistakes on the Lord. That we have brought all that is evil upon ourselves. Some people like me have trust in God that he will be there for us.

Plus(back to what people say that God shouldn’t allow such pain) things happen for a reson. Inisent people get hurt, but life is like one big math test, and the end result can mean forever summer school or to graduate and live a free life.

I am only 13, I do not plan to change your ways at all. I just feel at time I need to express my word.

I guess what I’m really asking is…Why does religion affect us so? Why can’t each person feel whats in there heart and stay true without being minipulated to follow someone elses beliefes?

Answer #1

I am an agnostic that follows many philosophical, not necessarily theological beliefs. For example, I believe that our path is already chosen for us. We have free will to some extent but we can’t choose everything. I think there should be enough religion in the world so we can have the peace we all seek so desperately but not enough that we are willing to kill in the name of our god/gods. There is such a stigma around Islam lately, due to the news. Not meaning to be controversial at all but if we think back to the crusades, etc, there have been more deaths in the name of the Christian God.

Answer #2

Well, for me. I freely take in what I believe. No pressure from any one or any “religious knockers on my door, or any bible thumping people”. I believe in the religion that makes me happy and I don’t shove it down anyone’s throat. Everyone can believe how they want just don’t harm anyone in the process.

Answer #3

* Why does religion affect us so?

Humans are highly susceptible to social pressures and conditioning, and that’s what religion is all about.

Answer #4

It’s an interesting question… and the reason is because people do horrible things in the name of religion, they start wars, they murder, they torture, they rape, they make people slaves, they discriminate, they rob people of their rights, etc etc etc… Until religion is no longer mixed with politics, I.e. it no longer affects the lives of other people, it will always be a talking piece… until religion is just in people’s hearts and not in their lives, people will always have an opinion about it…

Answer #5

Religion I feel is an excuse for life after death. Especially for the people who are unsure about the afterlife and need an excuse to rely upon. Otherwise, religion is only one’s belief, sort of denial but not 100 percent accurate because no one can prove that religions are pure fact and not stories to answer the questions about death. Im really scared of dying, and simply because of the unknown, unsure of what exactly happen after death.

Answer #6

I cant say much because you already feel how I feels…you have a big heart and I can see that :-) and the way how you think, your beautiful in and out…

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