What if I'm having doubts about being athiest?

I have a BIG problem

my family is atheist. but I am starting to have doubts. I don’t quite believe in christ but I do belive in a

Answer #1

It all boils down to - Do you beleive the Bible is the word or God or not….it is VERY clear (John 3:16), if you recognize and accept that Jesus Christ paid the price for your and my sins on the cross, ask for forgiveness and invite Him into your Heart/Life, He’ll come in (by God’s grace and His word, you are saved (not maybe - shall be saved)….by doing this you will go to Heaven….if you reject Him, you will not….everyone has to make that individual choice.

Food for thought: If you listen to those who put this down….and it turns out to be true….would it not be the Lagest Mistake by far you made in your lifetime ?

You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers, A sinner saved by grace, TYJ

Answer #2

I meant to finish by saying…

Trying to SCARE people into your religion is the wrong approach, focus on the positives…

Answer #3

The PROBLEM with Christianity (which is blatantly apparent in these threads), believers often have the “holier than thou” attitude, and like to threaten you with eternal damnation, when you don’t even believe in it to begin with.

“Do this and this and this, or spend eternity in Hell agony torment burn devil pitchfork boogeyman.” they say. “I know this because this book you also don’t believe in, says so.”

What’s the point of trying to SCARE non-belivers with Hell, when they don’t even believe in Hell.

Answer #4

Everyone has to decide for themselves what they believe. My mom is an atheist and my dad seems to be a Deist (he doesn’t use a label but he believes in a benevolent creator that is revealed thorough nature so I call him a Deist).

I went through a phase where I learned a lot about different religions. There are many religions that I still like. I was quite impressed with Buddhism, Baha’i and the Religious Society of Friends. At one point I wanted to become a Quaker. When it came down to it I just couldn’t believe in God; it just seemed too unlikely. I like a lot of the RSOF teachings and I admire the things famous historical Quakers have done but I just can’t believe. This made me sad until I figured out that as an Atheist I can synthesise my own worldview with no dogma what so ever. I can embrase teachings from any religion or philosophy without having to accept the rest of the religious baggage. When I looked at it this way atheism seemed rather liberating and exciting.

Whatever you decide do spend some time studying and thinking about it so you are making an informed decision.

Answer #5

Atheist or agnostic? Your parents that is. There is a spiritualism that agnostics find and connect in what some believe to be a healthier way with a spiritual path. Religion is wonderful until you start to see words like “tithing” and “god will provide for you” in the same speech. Spirituality, faith, and morality do not need a “house” to reside in or someone to explain the translated words from roman, greek, and ancient hebrew to you because the population is now mostly literate. Churches came about in a time when only the most wealthy and well to do had an education. So the majority of the populace needed someone to explain things to them in order to follow a path of “righteousness” or “morality” as well as to amplify the effect on the human psyche for the act of prayer (which would take a lot more space than I have to explain).

Connection of the spirit to a creator or to a creative force does have a very positive effect on the physical well being of the person which can be achieved through prayer or meditation. There is no way to compare the two styles of connection I mentioned because that really depends on the focus of the individual. It is natural for you to crave the connection you see lacking between yourself and the infinite.

However, be cautious about who you listen to in order to follow your own path. A christian will tell you that he is voting Republican without even seeing the candidates because they have transfered their faith in God to faith in their belief system. This opens up all sorts of doors of corruption and misuse no matter what the intentions might be. The christians constantly use the terms “lamb”, “sheep”, and “flock” as if you were to be one of many who follow blindly. This is a terrible analogy and no better than the cultist who tells their followers that a UFO is coming to get them and they must all castrate themselves and drink the Kool-Aid. God wants people to be thoughtful and mindful at all times and to use the tenants of religion as a school of sorts to use in the world. Somewhere along the line the church felt threatened by people’s ability to forget or to lose sight of their beliefs without a weekly scrubbing of the cranial matter to expedite the good parts over the bad without allowing so much leeway to make mistakes.

Choose wisely and choose with your brain as well as your heart. If you use all of your facilities in making a choice then your parents will understand.

Answer #6

It’s your choice. Believe in whatever you want, but don’t try to convert your parents and don’t let other people convert you.

Answer #7

Well, thats quite natural. Unlike most religious people, athiests or agnostics generally have a live and let live attitude. And I’m sure your parents will too.

The problem is if you try to convert them, then it will surely lead to conflict with them.

Live your own life. You are old enough to type this question, thus you will be old enough to choose whether or not you have a religion.

My only problem is when someone tries to convert me to their religion, as an agnostic I have a big problem with that.

Answer #8

God loves you and will help you through any problems with your parents as long as you trust him . www.notreligon.com

Answer #9

tell ur pranets cuz they need to know and tell them about this so u can understand!

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