Why are there so few questions in this category?

Why are there never any questions in this category?

Answer #1

A lot of mixed feelings. Most people only want to throw in there two cents on someone else’s topic rather than ask questions about it. I remember a topic here about Mormons that went on for weeks with people getting very heated on all sides of the question. The guy who asked the question wasn’t even involved in the debate that ensued from his question. If you want to see what I mean, ask any question that you feel is “harmless” and see how others feel about it.

Answer #2

It’s a loaded subject.

Answer #3

hundreds of years ago if there was internet and this website the would be so many more questions in this category!

Answer #4

what do you mean there’s 171 page’s.

Answer #5

okay im tellin you i dont see a lot of question’s on this category!!!!! i try’ed to add one but it didnt let me!!!!

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