How do I get my relationship out of this hole?

Answer #1

more detail would help. just saying

Answer #2

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost five months. We’re sixteen and the last month we’ve started to fight. A lot. It’s mostly little arguments but they happen almost every day. We had a bigger fight a few days ago, he was drunk which didn’t help the situation at all but he still feels that I did something wrong. We were at a party and his best friend who was also drunk was definitely in some need of emotional support and asked me to talk with him for a few minutes. My boyfriend got terribly jealous and I don’t know why. He knows I would never cheat on him, and he, his best friend and I are all pretty close. He also gets extremely jealous when ever I hang out or go talk to my best friend instead of him. Is this a bad sign that he’s too controlling? I don’t know why it got like this all of a sudden. We used to be great.

Answer #3

well if he is abusive in any of your fights. ya gotta get out of there. but if he does become super jealous then ya might wanna rethink the relationship. if he cant trust you he isnt worth it in my opinion. I wish you the best. i know what it is like fighting and the jealousy. you could also just sit down with him and talk it out. if drinking is his problem he should quit. but you cant change him much. I would suggest sitting down with him and talking it out. if he is worth it stick with him if he isnt leave. i wish ya the best of luck.

Answer #4

Yes…it is a bad sign, at least for this relationship…he’s obviously insecure for some reason (jealous people are NOT sure that the other won’t cheat)…AND since he’s even jealous of your best friend, I’d say he’s also very immature. I think you’re going to find in the near future, that you’ve out grown him.

Answer #5

He’s definitely not abusive. Unless you count us hitting each other for fun hah. We have talks every time we get in a fight but I think you’re right. We need to have a really big talk and discuss everything. Thanks for the advice =)

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