What should I do to get a real relationship?

Today I learned that a lot of upperclassmen guys think I am one of the hottest freshman girls, which is a great ego boost and everything but the problem is I feel like I will never get a real relationship :( How can I find a guy who likes me for my personality and not just the physical stuff??

Answer #1

well that hard to say… you just gotta keep searching… I been in a real relationship. ( it ended badly). it not all that crack up to be :D

Answer #2

dont pay attention to wanting a real relationship. my cousin’s favorite saying-

as soon as you stop wanting something you finally get it.

I mean she says it sarcastically because supposedly she always gets what she doesnt want =P but it could be a good thing your case. just try not to worry about that, as I do too. concentrate on making good friendships. friends are a great thing to have. er great people to have… =)

Answer #3

it will come to you. the one will always come, whether you realize it or not, so just look out.

Answer #4

no, I have been wanting a relationship but this new knowledge is making me really annoyed and stuff

Answer #5

boys considering you hot does not mean you need a relationship

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