How can i get rehired at walmart if i was fired for being absent too much?

I had told my supervisor that I was going through a rough time due to the passing of my father and had severe depression so I was put on an anti-depressant which I had a horrible reaction to. Before all this I was a hard punctual worker and now that I am doing much better 6 or so months later, if I were to come to the general manager with the information from the doctor about what transpired do you think I'd have a chance?

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Wal-mart has strict policies about that and keep records of all their employees and why they were let go.

Once you've been red flagged by the company (fired for some reason) that's pretty much it, you're not getting rehired.

You would be better off going to a competitor like Target or any other retail chain. If you explain to the other chains the reason you were fired then you may have a chance at getting hired by them.

Some retail stores you could apply to would be:
* Target
* Old Navy
* PetsMart
* Rite Aid
* Sears
* Dicks Sporting Goods
* Macys

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Ah that is a shame, well thank you for your feedback.

How can I get rehired at walmart if im not eligable?

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i was fired from wal mart (back in the day) and i was told that after a year i could call the personnel office and request that my record be cleared. you can call human resources and see if this policy still stands. i was an assistant department manager so i would believe it would apply to everyone.

How many years does walmart go back on it's background check?
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You could try at a new walmart just to give it a shot. But If they decide to not do it, there is not much you could do, places like that have stricked policies.

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