How can i get rehired at walmart if im not eligable?

So apperently Wal-mart gave me a warning once for accidently going over on a break...Then the next time it happened they fired me. and because of this I am not eliagable for rehire. The manager told me theres a way to get rehired but he doesnt know how. I would like to know how. Because I really liked working over nights..and I believe I was a good hard worker that didnt deserve this. I couldnt find another job for 3 months. Because no other places in my town were hiring. So Id really like my old job back. I know I didnt deserve to get fired.

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well maybe you could talk to your boss and maybe he will give in..

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How can I get rehired at Walmart if I was fired for being absent too much?

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You keep saying you didn't deserve to get fired, even though you kept breaking the rules. Even after a warning, you couldn't manage to get yourself back to work on time. So you have a hard time following basic rules of the workplace, and you refuse to take responsibility for your actions. The question isn't how do you get rehired, but why would they want to hire you back? You do not sound like the kind of worker anyone would be desperate to have in their employ.

Move on. You've burned this bridge pretty thoroughly. Learn form the experience and find something else.

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